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Before and After Gallery - Lip enhancement (Lip augmentation)

Patient 1.  Attractive degree of lip augmentation with Artecoll (non-absorbable), to a greater extent at the upper lip - regarding the patient's wish

Patient 2.  Moderate extent of lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid on tattooed lips

Patient 3.  Not an extreme degree of lip augmentation - in our opinion - using Restylane injection

Patient 4.  Attractive lip augmentation using Restylane

Patient 5.  Lip augmentation using the patient's own fat - lipofilling

Patient 6.  Excessively attractive degree of augmentation in our opinion, but matching the patient's expectation, using absorbable Restylane injection

Patient 7.  Great extent of upper lip and lesser extent of lower lip augmentation with Restylane injection

Patient 8.  Lip augmentation with  Restylane injection

Patient 9.  Lip augmentation with  Restylane injection

Patient 10.  Lip augmentation by  "pulling in" strips of the fascia of the temporal muscle

Patient 11.  Very small extent of lip augmentation regarding the patient's wish, using Restylane injection