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Before and After Gallery - Breast lift (Mastopexy)

Patient 1.   Anatomy: the extent of drooping of the left breast is scored as Grade I., of the right one as Grade II., the breasts have a slightly smaller volume considering the dimensions of the patient's chest.  Patient's wish: reduction of the extent of drooping without the simultaneously proposed implants, accepting rather the moderately concave contour from the side view on the upper part of the breasts.
Procedure:  mastopexy and areola position correction to different extent on each side with periareolar scars.
Age: 24
Children: 0
Postop photos are
6 months old.

Patient 2.   Anatomy, previous history: 2 years earlier, for the correction of the drooping and diminished breasts due to former pregnancy and breast feeding, through periareolar incisions we performed an augmentation with implants placed partially under the pectoral muscle and a simultaneous mastopexy. Only a year after this, because of another pregnancy the patient gained and lost 25 kilograms, the implants remained in good positions, but above them the glandular tissue became significantly drooping to different extent on each side, the areolas stretched remarkably and also asymmetrically. The patient's unfavorable condition is the darker (hyperpigmented) skin type, so the scars are also darker than the average.  Patient's wish: correction of the drooping, a full breast shape all over again, the reduction of the size of the areolas.
Procedure: due to the significant extent of drooping, a mastopexy with periareolar + vertical incisions, reduction of the size of the areolas, keeping the implants inside.  Implants: Mentor, textured, cohesive gel filled, round, high profile, 275  ml.  Pocket: unchanged, partially submuscular.  Cup: preop C, postop C.  Age: 26.  Postop photos are 5 months old.

Patient 3.   Anatomy: Grade III. extent of drooping, the breasts became a little smaller in relation to the dimensions of the chest after breast feeding, they were slightly distant from each other, with stretched, wide areolas.  Patient's wish: reduction of the extent of drooping and the size of the areolas, she didn't accept the simultaneously offered and recommended implants, she felt satisfied with a moderately concave contour from the side view on the upper part of  the breasts.
Procedure: mastopexy with periareolar + vertical scars (Lejour method).
Age: 27
Children: 2,
breast feedings.
Postop photos are
3 months old, the scars didn't fade
yet completely.