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Before and After Gallery - Nose corrections (Rhinoplasty)

Patient 1.   Anatomy: 30 years old female patient with prominent, moderately broad nasal tip, with a hump on the bony part of the nasal bridge (dorsum) from the side view and a moderate nasal axis deviation to the right, the base of the nostrils is somewhat wider, all these characters disturbed her.  Patient's wish: straight nasal bridge with slight elevation of the nasal tip, reducing its porminence and width.
Procedure: through incisions inside the nostrils (closed rhinoplasty) corrections on the nasal bones, cartilage and septum, additionally narrowing the nostrils through hidden, partially external incisions at their base.  Postop photos are 4 months old.

Patient 2.   Anatomy: Far Eastern type male patient, age 34 at the time of the operation, with a broad and flat nose, deep nasal root, cavernous and wide nostrils.  Patient's wish: a nose that looks more European, but is not contrasting the Far Eastern character too much.  Procedure: open rhinoplasty, the enhancement of the nasal root, bridge, nasal tip and areas under the septum with multilayer bone grafts harvested from the external plate of the skull, and cartilage grafts harvested from the back of the ears, also significant narrowing of the base of the nostrils.
Even 12 years after the operation the shape of the nose looks natural, not contrasting the Far Eastern character of the face (photos below).

The photo on the left shows the multiple layers of the bone and cartilage grafts sutured to each other directly after the operation.  On the photos in the middle and on the right, 12 years after the operation, the 3 dimensional CT scan shows that the implanted bone grafts forming an L-shape (red arrows) and the cartilage grafts (blue arrows) haven't absorbed, creating the new frame of the nose.